Charlie Teo Foundation Brain Tumour Bank

Certification Status: Approved
Registration Status: Completed

Charlie Teo Foundation Brain Tumour Bank will be established as a biorepository designed to collect, process, store, retrieve and disseminate samples and information for research projects following informed consent from participants diagnosed with brain tumours. Charlie Teo Foundation Brain Tumour Bank will be a unique biorepository as it will not only collect tissue and blood samples, as routinely collected by Australian brain biobanks, but will sequence its samples thereby providing a more cost-effective, time-saving, valuable resource for researchers to use. Charlie Teo Foundation Brain Tumour Bank will also be unique in establishing a cell line repository of real-world brain tumours, which could be utilised in future to learn more about the behaviours of these tumours. Successful development of these cell lines will provide valuable and accurate models that will enable more refined analysis of the mechanisms that regulate individual patient response to treatment and allow the development of models for personalised medicine.

Registered Biobank Name Charlie Teo Foundation Brain Tumour Bank (CTFBTB)
Biobank Leader Nicole Caixeiro
Principal Investigator Professor Charlie Teo
Address 605 Botany Road
Rosebery, NSW, Australia
Email for biobank inquiries
User Type
  • Mono: A biobank that supports a specific research project, may have few staff members, a small-scale accrual scope with little to no initial intention of releasing or distributing biospecimens to secondary parties
  • Oligo: A biobank that supports several research groups or clinical trials, may or may not be designed to release biospecimens outside their collaborative group
  • Poly: A biobank that has generally a larger accrual scope, resources, and multiple users outside the biobank proper
Poly - Collection aimed at supporting undetermined, multiple users with ethics approved research projects, through a defined access/application mechanism.
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