Enrol as Pathology Laboratory Leader

The ‘Pathology Laboratory Leader’ is the most responsible person in the pathology laboratory for biobanking activities. Examples of the ‘Pathology Laboratory Leader’ include: a Pathologist, Laboratory Manager, Research Manager, Biobank Manager, Senior Scientist etc.

Pathology Laboratory Registration

Registration is the first phase of the certification program. The goal of this phase is to collect basic information about the pathology laboratory and have one person (e.g. the pathology laboratory leader) complete the introductory biobank education course.

The registration process:
  1. Complete the pathology laboratory registration form by entering the required basic information (this takes about 15 minutes).
  2. Complete "Module 1: Basics of Biobanking" (this task can take 2-3 hours).
  3. Complete the test for Module 1.
  4. Download the Registration Record.
  5. Receive access to the best practice standards documents and share these with the biobank/laboratory team members.
Enrol as Pathology Laboratory Leader